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Education would fail ignominiously in its objective, if it manufactured only a robot and called him an economic man accenting the adjective \'economic\' and forgetting the substantive \'man\'. A university cannot afford to ignore the culture aspects, of education, what ever studies is specializes in Science is a means, not an end, whereas culture is an end in itself.

Even through you may ultimately become a computer -programmer, a scientist, a doctor, or an engineer, a teacher or a lawyer; you must while in college, absorb fundamental values which make you a man of culture.

An engineer has not merely to build bridge; he has to we a devoted husband, a kind father, a friendly neighbour a dutiful citizen, and a man true himself. He will have trials and tribulations; his heart will fit at times; he will then need the spiritual strength which true culture alone can give. 

We aim to achieve a holistic development of personality through education, which is in the view of our College SWAMI VIVEKANAND COLLEGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION, both modern and traditional.